History of ELF's talgud

Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) started organising voluntary activities on 1998. Since then we have held 666 events on different sites, with more than 11000 participants who contributed over 100 000 hours of work. 

Over the years we have had partnerships with Environmental Investments Centre, Estonian State Nature Conservation Centre, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), Global Nature Fund, Southampton University Conservation Volunteers, Association of Nature Conservation Eagle, Estonian Semi-Natural Community Conservation Association (ESCCA), Estonian Nature Tours, as well as many landowners and individuals.


ELF’s volunteers have had a big impact on conservation in many sites and green spaces including:

- Annual habitat restoration projects in Kumari islet in Matsalu NP have improved and protected one of last remaining natural population of Natterjack toad, helping increase their numbers

- Annual visits by ELF’s and ESCCA's volunteers to Hobulaid islet in the Western-Estonia have restored over two hectares (ha) of valuable wooded meadow
- In 2005, over 80 ELF’s volunteers helped locals to overcome storm devastation in Rannametsa-Soometsa Nature Reserve in the South-West.

 ...and so on